Presentation & Participation Instructions

All sessions will be conducted in a hybrid format (onsite/online) using Zoom meetings and LINC Biz. Zoom meetings will be initiated by the host just before the start time of each session.

Instructions for Poster Flash Presentation are here.

Zoom meeting (available in all sessions)

The URL has been announced to participants via LINC Biz (please see the announcement at the LINC Biz site).



1. Download the application for Zoom meetings before the symposium.

2. Present your names in English in the Zoom display name.

3. Mute the microphone unless otherwise authorized by the moderators.

4. If you have questions for the oral presentations and wish to speak, please raise your hand on Zoom meetings and follow the moderator’s instructions. You can also use the chat function on LINC Biz for communication with the oral presenters.


1. If you have questions for the oral presentations, please line up in front of the question microphone equipped in the venue and follow the moderator’s instructions.

2. If you use Zoom meetings in the venue, mute the speaker of your PC when Wi-Fi is available in the venue. You can access the eduroam network, or OMU network with OMU guest account.

Poster Presenters

1. Poster presentations are conducted in an online format using LINC Biz from Oct 27, 9:00 (JST) to Oct 31, 17:00 (JST). You can present your posters and contact to audiences using the chat tool on LINC Biz. Posters should be prepared as a single-page JPEG or PNG file of no more than 100 MB and uploaded at LINC Biz by Oct 26, 24:00 (JST). Detail information will be announced via LINC Biz as soon as possible. Posters can be uploaded from Oct 19 (JST), and LINC Biz will be available until Nov 6 (JST) after the symposium.

2. Poster Session (Oct 28, 13:30–15:00) is conducted as Flash Talk in a hybrid format using Zoom meetings. Flash talks (2-minute presentations) can have one slide that is displayed on the screen and online-audiences’ PC monitors. Please prepare one or two pages of PDF (no more than 5 MB) summarizing your poster presentation and send it to the Organizing Committee (gr-sci-sympo2023[at] by Oct 26, 24:00 (JST).

3. Onsite presenters will talk on the stage in the venue. Online presenters will talk via your own PC using the Zoom meeting. The audiences can see the slides on the screen in the venue or on their PC monitors.

Oral Presenters


1. Presentations will be conducted in a hybrid format using Zoom meeting.

2. The presentation should be carried using the common PC (Windows 11; Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019) equipped in the venue because to avoid troubles of online system. Please bring your slides saved as PowerPoint file or PDF in USB before your assigned session.

3. Presenters talk with the microphone equipped in the venue.


1. Share your slides using the Zoom screen share function on your own PC so that the online participants can see them on the screen. This Zoom screen will also be displayed on the projector in the venue.

2. Please use your own PC microphone for your presentation.